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INSIGMA – financial group focused on development, investments in real estate and fee development services. We are striving for long-term objectives for the benefit of many generations to come combining strategic investments with current asset management.

Since 1995 we have engaged in investment and development. The company took shape and developed in parallel with development of real estate market and developer business in Russia. In the process of business restructuring in 2005 several of our companies were integrated in a single structure presently known in the market as INSIGMA Group of Companies.

Top-priority business of INSIGMA Group includes creation and sale of liquid properties which guarantee high profitability for owners and investors. INSIGMA professional team applies its expertise to development of projects and companies of the Group improving their financial indicators.

INSIGMA’s Russian and international partners have broad experience of joint projects. Our confidence of success of our projects relies on the trust of top Russian companies and financial institutions.